Assistant professor
Study Programme

Master in Kinesiology of Human Performance


Physical activity in everyday life (social dimension)

Outdoor physical activity

Area of Habilitation

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Research Area

Healthy lifestyle paradigm, Sport participation, PA through lifespan, Bourdieu’s theory of capital

Short Bio

She graduated in 1996 at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences in the field of Sociology (HRM). In 2008, she obtained Master of Cultural Studies and Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Primorska. In 2018 received her PhD in the scientific field: Sociology of Everyday Life at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Slovenia.

Her basic research covers sociology of sports and sociological aspect of contemporary lifestyle and it impact on human activity or inactivity (focus on social factors in shaping lifestyles, physical performance of the studied populations, as well as other social phenomena related to kinesiology).

She is engaged in several scientific research projects, funded by European, national and private funds and regularly presents the research results at international conferences and published her scientific work in renewed international scientific journals with IF. Since 2010 she has recorded over 120 scientific and professional units (SICRIS units) in her bibliography (285 citation WOS and 308 88 citation Scopus)

She was a member of the group creating new study programs Applied Kinesiology 1st and 2nd cycle at the University of Primorska and from 2010-16 she taught seminars and practicum with social topics as Assistant at Faculty for Education and at study program Applied Kinesiology. She was visiting professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2019.