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Made for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in sport science and healthy lifestyle, offering a week of academic lectures and workshops covering key topics in kinesiology, including physiology, healthy lifestyle, sport performance, and rehabilitation.

9 - 13



Rencontres Internationales du Patrimoine Architecturel Méditerranéen – 16th EMUNI Conference

10 - 11



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Established as one of the priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean, the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) is entrusted with the mission of fostering the Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area.


EMUNI network gathers over than 130 Higher Education and Research institutions from 35 countries across the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Members of the network regularly meet in the framework of the EMUNI General Assembly. Those organisations paying annual membership fees become members of the EMUNI Inner Cricle.


EMUNI’s research activity is project-based. We perform research in areas relevant to the university’s mission.

3 reasons why you want to study in Piran

Unique Euro-Mediterranean Focus

EMUNI University has a strong focus on the Euro-Mediterranean region, offering programs in intercultural business communication and kinesiology with a perspective that blends European and Mediterranean influences. This can prepare you for a career with a global perspective.

Immerse Yourself in a Stunning Location

Piran is a beautiful coastal town in Slovenia, known for its Venetian-inspired architecture and picturesque setting on the Adriatic Sea. Studying at EMUNI allows you to combine your academic pursuits with the chance to live in a charming seaside location.

Small, International Community

EMUNI is a relatively young and small university, which can foster a close-knit and international community. This can provide a supportive learning environment where you can easily connect with classmates and professors from around the world.