3 reasons why you want to study in Piran

Unique Euro-Mediterranean Focus

EMUNI University has a strong focus on the Euro-Mediterranean region, offering programs in intercultural business communication and kinesiology with a perspective that blends European and Mediterranean influences. This can prepare you for a career with a global perspective.

Immerse Yourself in a Stunning Location

Piran is a beautiful coastal town in Slovenia, known for its Venetian-inspired architecture and picturesque setting on the Adriatic Sea. Studying at EMUNI allows you to combine your academic pursuits with the chance to live in a charming seaside location.

Small, International Community

EMUNI is a relatively young and small university, which can foster a close-knit and international community. This can provide a supportive learning environment where you can easily connect with classmates and professors from around the world.

Master Study Programme: Kinesiology of Human Performance

Get people active – become an expert in the field of sports science

The Kinesiology of Human Performance Master’s programme offers a unique opportunity to develop expertise in human movement science. This part-time program, taught entirely in English, allows you to combine online learning with in-person classes, fitting your studies around your work or personal life. Choose your focus between Ergonomics or Healthy and Active Lifestyle, and gain hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs. Earn a globally recognized degree that prepares you for a successful career in improving human health and performance.

Master Study Programme: Intercultural Business Communication

Speak the Language of Business. Anywhere in the World.

The Master’s in Intercultural Business Communication equips you to navigate the exciting world of Euro-Mediterranean business and beyond. Develop fluency in two languages, master intercultural communication, and gain practical skills through internships. This part-time program lets you balance studies with work and life, while launching your global career.