The 68th Session of the Management Board (MB) of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) took place on 15 April as the first constitutional meeting with all board members beginning their new mandate of four years.

The MB is currently composed of those members elected:
Prof. Mouïn Hamzé (Lebanon)
Prof. Rado Pišot (Slovenia)
Prof. Hassan Nadir Kheirallah (Egypt)
Prof. Lola Bañon Castellón (Spain)
Prof. Maria Cristina Pedicchio (Italy)
and those who are appointed:
Prof. Mostafa Bousmina (President of the Euromed University of Fes, Morocco, representative)
Joao Lobo (Union for the Mediterranean representative)
Karen Gladović (Employees’ representative)
Ioannis Panagiotopoulos (students’ representative)

EMUNI University wishes to congratulate Prof. Hamzé and Prof. Pedicchio on their election to the positions of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Board respectively. The EMUNI Management Board is the university’s highest authority, and its mandate is to safeguard EMUNI interests as a research, network and educational institution. Among other matters, the MB determines the frameworks for the university’s organisation, and, together with the EMUNI President and Senate, sets long-term goals for its activities and development. It is constituted of 13 members, appointed for four years, and the current MB awaits to receive nominations for the remaining places.

Left to right: Prof. Hamzé and Prof. Pedicchio. To read the biographies of the new Chairperson and his Vice, as well as those of the remaining MB members, please go to: Management Board Members – EMUNI