The EUNICoast Alliance, of which the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) is part of, has just launched a dedicated website.

Through its Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy CoE-SUBE, EMUNI University joined the Erasmus+ project alliance EUNICoast: The European University of Islands, Ports, and Coastal Territories, at the start of this year.

The consortium of 13 institutions and universities from port, coastal and island regions across Europe submitted its proposal in February, representing an alliance that will form a unique platform dedicated to deepening education, promoting research and catalysing innovations with a relevant social impact, especially in terms of maritime territories.

The mission of the alliance is the following: “Anchored to the sea in spirit and practice, our European Alliance seeks to awaken an appreciation for the maritime world’s significance. For us, the sea is not a physical boundary, but a conduit of shared experiences, economic prosperity, and ecological balance. By instilling a deep-rooted connection to the sea, we empower our students to engage meaningfully with both ports and islands, and the intricate interplay between them.”

To read more on the Alliance and its objectives, go to: EUNICoast Alliance Website

In anticipation of the outcome of its project application, the Alliance is working on developing all activities, as well as the preparation of blended programmes, study visits and Erasmus+ mobilities.

EMUNI University is proud to be part of the diverse EUNICoast alliance, which is led by the University of Le Havre Normandy and includes: Burgas Free University, University of Balearic Islands, University of Sassari, University of Patras, University of the Azores Islands, University of Dubrovnik, University of the Faroe Islands, Aland University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Stralsund, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and Université des Antilles.