EMUNI together with Union for the Mediterranean  and with the support of German Agency for International Development Cooperation (GIZ), is organizing a webinar on Women in blue economy as one of the first regional events dedicated to the theme of women inclusion and opportunities for jobs and sustainability outcomes in blue economy. The event is scheduled online at 09:30 CET on the 22nd of September. 

The event will benefit from contributions by a wide array of stakeholders; such as representatives of intergovernmental and regional organisations, national agencies, professional networks and academia. In addition, EMUNI wishes to encourage all participants to interact with the speakers.

Sustainability and inclusiveness are at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the multiple sectors captured under the notion of blue economy. While Sustainable Development Goals promote strategies that centre on equality of access, efforts towards women inclusion need to be strengthened and prioritised.

Women play a key role along the value chains of products, in organisation of processes and in leadership positions. Their contribution should be valued and highlighted. Nevertheless, in many sectors and countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region, women have limited access to natural and financial resources, technology and opportunities. Structural (including decision-making factors), cultural and social factors, as well as lack of capacity-building inhibit their full expression and hinders efforts towards sustainable outcomes.

This webinar is dedicated to highlighting women’s contribution and engagement as fundamental vectors in key blue economy sectors in the Mediterranean region as well as to discussing – within a solution-oriented approach – the challenges to the full expression of their potential.

The event will be simultaneously translated in English, French and Arabic. The event is free of charge.



Ms. Jerneja Penca, Head of Academic Affairs, Euro-Mediterranean University

UfM EU and Jordan Co-presidency: Opening remarks

Ms. Eleni Hatziyanni, DG MARE

Mr. Mohammad Al-Sakran, Executive Director, Transport and Logistics, Aqaba Development Corporation

• UfM Secretariat: Developments at UfM level

Ms. Alessandra Sensi, Head of Sector – UfM Environment and Blue Economy Division

Ms. Anna Dorangricchia, Project Manager – UFM Social and Civil Affairs Division


Ms. Alessandra Sensi, Head of Sector, Union for the Mediterranean

• United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – A regional perspective: Women in Arab Region Economy 

Ms. Rania Tarazi, Gender Specialist, Regional Bureau for Arab States

Mr. Vito Intini, Regional Chief Economist for the Arab Region

• Swedish Dialogue Institute for the Middle East and North Africa: Women economic empowerment in the Mena Region

Ms. Charlotta Sparre, Director


Ms. Alessandra Sensi, Head of Sector, Union for the Mediterranean

• European Commission, DG MARE: Gender equality in the Blue Economy

Ms. Pauline Caumont, Policy Assistant, Sustainable blue economy sectors

• International Maritime Organization (IMO): Empowering women in the maritime community

Mr. Chris Trelawny, Chief Maritime Development

• World Tourism Organization (UNWTO): The position of women in tourism

Ms. Alessandra Priante, Director, Regional Department for Europe

• Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (FAO)/General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM): Strategic view and activities in the region 

Ms. Anna Carlson, FAO – GFCM Fishery Officer

• International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry: The roles and contributions of women in the seafood industry

Ms. Camille Cherques, Head of programmes

11:10 – 11:15 Break


Ms. Anna Dorangricchia, Project Manager, Union for the Mediterranean

• National case study: Women in key blue economy sectors in Lebanon

Ms. Vera Noon, Maritime Spatial Planning expert

• National case study: Jordanian Maritime Transport Initiative

Ms. Hanifa Hamouri, Senior Specialist, Transport and Logistics, Aqaba Development Corporation

• University of Siena: Women and Research – the case of Marine Litter

Ms. Cristina Fossi, Plastic Busters and Plastic Busters MPAs Scientific Coordinator

• AKTEA the European Network for Women in Fisheries and Aquaculture: Women contribution in EU Med fisheries: recognition and organization

Ms. Katia Frangoudes, spokesperson

• Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) and Women in Maritime Association in Tunisia (WIMATunisia): Women in Blue Economy: significance of data

Ms. Leila Ben Hassen, Founder of ABEF and WIMATunisia

• WWF Spain: Out of the shadows – women in Mediterranean Small-scale fisheries

Mr. Miguel Gomez, Senior Expert

• BusinessMed: The Mediterranean, an opportunity for gender empowerment

Ms. Federica Bruni, Network and Development Manager