What Blue Economy do we want for the Mediterranean?

A Policy Clarification Exercise

28 September 2021, online

The notion of the blue economy refers to the marine and maritime resources that hold a potential both for the development of economies and for the sustainable use of the ocean, in line with the principles of sustainable development and the constraints of the impending climate emergency.  Sustainable use of the Mediterranean Sea is a priority for coastal countries. However, although the concept is well understood at the international level, its operationalization at the country and regional levels remains beyond reach for many stakeholders.  This event will encourage students to engage with the challenge of designing a sustainable Mediterranean blue economy, through reflection on real-world scenarios.  

The goal of the event is to develop a hierarchy of values and policies for a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean. 

Format: The event will take place on 28 September between 10.00 and 15.00 CET.

The event is highly participatory and divided into 2 parts. The plenary sessions are open to an unlimited number of people. The core part of the event will involve 20 selected participants, who will interact with each other and be actively engaged.  These individuals are considered as agents of change, and will take forward their insights to a broader community. 

The event will involve a keynote presentation, group work and participants presentations.  The participants will discuss real-world values and policy measures in different parts of the Mediterranean:  West European, North African, Eastern Mediterranean, and Mediterranean Islands (eg., Malta, Sicily, Greek islands, Corsica).  Each part faces a variety of challenges, including economic development, resource management, climate change, cultural identity  and geopolitics.  Participants will examine and prioritize these challenges, drawing on and sharing their knowledge of these pressing issues. The event’s platform allows for Group work in parallel rooms, and for observers to join in plenary sessions.

Application: We invite master students from across the Mediterranean region to apply for this event, but mature and highly motivated bachelor students are welcome too.  Applicants should submit their application via this form: REGISTRATION LINK by 16 September 2021.  In addition to basic personal data, you will be asked to write a short statement about your motivation (150 words). The number of active participants will be limited to 20.  Apart from motivation, gender and geographical balance across the region will be important criteria for selection. All active participants will receive a certificate of their attendance.