Study Programme

Master in Kinesiology of Human Performance


Workplace and living space design

Area of Habilitation

Interior design

Research Area

Interior and industrial design

Short Bio

Jasna Hrovatin graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, under the mentorship of Prof. Niko Kralj. She received a Uniles award for her bachelor’s thesis. In the same year, she began her graduate study and started working as a young researcher for Professor Kralj. She received her master’s degree in 1990 and PhD in 1993. She became the youngest PhD in Slovenia and the first woman who got PhD at the Faculty of Architecture. She started working at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, where she became an assistant professor in 1996. She lectured at the Biotechnical Faculty, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She has been employed at the Faculty of Design since 2009, where she works as vice dean for research. She is also Head of the Furniture Design Department.

She deals with interior and industrial design. She has been involved in several international and national projects. She deals with the development of the methodology of designing and construction. In recent years, she has dedicated most of her attention to research in connection with the quality of living in old age. She co-authored 5 approved patents and 8 models that were internationally tested.