EMUNI’s approach to higher education is inspired by the effort to foster cooperation grounded in ethics and sustainability. However it is also guided by unavoidable pragmatism in providing students and graduates with the hard skills and open-mindedness that will help their future in the job market. 

These goals are best represented by the emphasis on mobility within the framework of EMUNI’s Master in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC). Indeed it is a matter of pride for EMUNI to see our students prove their capabilities during their traineeships abroad and engage in projects of social inclusivity. 

It is the case of IBC students Nehal Nasef and Huthayfa Assi, who have just concluded a mobility training in Belgium from April to June. The Erasmus+ programme allowed them to find a placement at the Maison Internationale de Tournai, a non-profit NGO that supports the needs of foreign students and refugees in the Belgian region of Wallonia. The organisation participates in development projects across the Middle East and Africa, fostering twinnings between the region and Belgian towns.   

Nehal and Huthayfa integrated well into the Maison Internationale de Tournai team and lent a hand in its activities. Notably, they participated in the process of writing proposals for projects, and liaising with local stakeholders and prospective project partners. Their work focused on drafting a development project proposal steeped in socio-economic inclusion and entitled “Promoting Working Skills Among Vulnerable Youth”

With an eye on the sustainability of their project proposal, they worked at the local food bank, getting acquainted with developments in food security and food waste-reduction. They also carried out field research, studying best practices of local organisations in integrating vulnerable groups. Their goal was to find a model that could be reproduced elsewhere, in the interest of benchmarking and sharing best practices, as well as capacity building. 

Nehal and Huthayfa eventually presented their project in front of an expert jury of practitioners that awarded them with positive feedback. 

Recognising the importance of mobility, EMUNI is proud to stand behind its students and encourages them to undertake these formative experiences. Nehal and Huthayfa acknowledge that this opportunity tested the skills they acquired at our EMUNI as well as enhancing their analytical skills and critical thinking.

Once again EMUNI is delighted to see how Nehal and Huthayfa’s expertise was deployed in the interest of social inclusion and solidarity and is always happy to celebrate its student’s achievements.