EMUNI-UfM Conference “Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications: Where does the Euro-Mediterranean region stand?”

12 April  2019, Barcelona. This conference, jointly organized by the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI University) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), aims at sharing insights on recent developments and initiatives related to the recognition of higher education qualifications in the Euro-Mediterranean region, identifying opportunities for moving forward in this area and shaping policy and operational recommendations for the future with the view to promote closer Euro-Mediterranean regional cooperation in this area.

The conference targets participants from the 43 UfM Member States who have an interest in debating and advancing academic recognition issues through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices – university rectors and senior academic representatives, national authorities and competent national bodies, intergovernmental and international organisations, experts, private sector and civil society representatives.

Download the concept note and draft agenda.

More information: education@ufmsecretariat.org