Université Le Havre Normandie and all EUNICoast members invite you to contribute to the EUNICoast pool of experts and to participate as a speaker at the 1st EUNICoast online workshop on 27 September, 2024.

Université Le Havre Normandie coordinates the project ‘EUNICoast’ of the European Universities Alliance.  EUNICoast is the ‘European University of Islands, Ports & Coastal Territories,’ which includes the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) and 12 other European higher education institutions, along with 107 associate partners in and outside Europe.

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Anchored to the sea in spirit and practice, the EUNICoast project seeks to awaken an appreciation for the maritime world’s significance. For us, the sea is not just a physical boundary, but a conduit of shared experiences, economic prosperity, and ecological balance. By instilling a deep-rooted connection to the sea, we empower our students to engage meaningfully with both ports and islands, and the intricate interplay between them.

The 1st EUNICoast online workshop is dedicated to researchers and teachers who want to share their experience in research or education in one of the five main scientific domains covered by the EUNICoast project:

  • Identities, Local Knowledge, and Cultural Heritage in Islands & Coastal Communities
  • Blue Circular Economy, Port Logistics, and Sustainable Blue Tourism
  • Governance, Planning, Management, and Monitoring of Islands and Coastal      Communities
  • Health, Biodiversity Protection, Nature-based Solutions, and Sustainable Exploration of Coastal/Marine Resources
  • Engineered and Data-driven Solutions for Coastal Infrastructures, Marine Renewable Energy, Marine Safety, and Navigation Systems

The pool of experts in construction will be invited to contribute to the activities of EUNICoast in these 5 domains.


Deadline to submit a contribution : 24th of May

Decision : 11th of June 2024

Online workshop : 27th of September

How to contribute : please download and complete this application form to describe your contribution and return it to

The participation is free of charge but the registration is required.