The Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) and The National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) of Trieste, Italy, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), further strengthening the ongoing collaboration between the two institutions. 

Professor Nicola Casagli, President of OGS, and Professor Rado Bohinc, President of EMUNI University, met to sign the MoU, which declares EMUNI as Associate Partner from the Academic Year 2023/2024 in the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Economy, jointly organised by OGS and the University of Trieste. The role would see EMUNI providing its premises in Piran for teaching and overseeing the project work of selected students.

Left: Professor Casagli & President Bohinc, Right: Professor Casagli, Professor Maria Cristina Pedicchio & President Bohinc

This development solidifies the long-term relationship between EMUNI and OGS, who have been working together on the yearly summer school, jointly organised since 2018. 

There is also the potential for a trilateral agreement, with the addition of the University of Trieste, to formally include EMUNI as a full partner in the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Economy from the Academic Year 2024/2025.

Above & below: Professor Casagli, Professor Maria Cristina Pedicchio & President Bohinc were joined by Dr. Mounir Ghribi, Head of R&D Projects and Innovation Department and Director of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy at EMUNI, and Director of International Cooperation and Research Promotion (ICAP) at OGS.

Both EMUNI and OGS are committed to developing skills and building capacities in the area of Sustainable Blue Economy and through their joint activities to strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area, and thus to the consolidation of the mission and objectives of the Union of the Mediterranean (UfM).