Invitation for collaboration with EMUNI

Dear Esteemed Members of the EMUNI General Assembly,

It is with great honour and enthusiasm that I address you as the newly appointed President of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).

First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your commitment and contributions to the EMUNI network.  As we look to the future, I am excited to announce my strong willingness in intensifying our cooperation and collaboration within the EMUNI network. Building upon the solid foundation laid by my predecessor, I am committed to exploring new avenues for partnership and synergy. For that reason, I invite you to cooperate with EMUNI to increase the exchange flows of students, professors and researchers, and the number of joint research projects in the following ways:

1. EMUNI aims to develop new EMUNI Master and PhD programmes that are tailored to the evolving needs and priorities of our region. These programmes will be designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude they need to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

I invite each partner institution to share your insights and expertise as we work together to shape the future of excellent education at EMUNI.

2. EMUNI seeks to formally endorse programmes offered by partner institutions across Europe/Mediterranean. Based on our market analysis, there exists a notable demand among international students for educational programs in the fields of information technology, business administration, diplomacy, engineering, sustainability, blue economy, agriculture, and many others.

I invite EMUNI members who are interested in making arrangements for the notification of their Master’s degree programmes to be implemented in the framework of EMUNI are invited to send us their programme curricula. 

3. EMUNI aims to explore opportunities for establishment of double and joint degree programmes with our esteemed partner institutions. These programmes will not only enhance the academic experience of our students but also strengthen our relationships across the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond.

I invite you to propose double and joint degree programmes to be developed in collaboration with EMUNI.

4. EMUNI is looking forward for proposals for collaborative participation in European Union research projects and other types of collaboration like academic staff and student’s exchanges or internships, such as for example Erasmus+ Mobilities.

5. I welcome our EMUNI members to participate in the co-organisation of Summer Schools, joint short courses/programmes (microcredits), joint conferences and roundtables.

6. EMUNI plans to establish joint knowledge and innovation centres at some partner institutions in South-Mediterranean countries already this year. These centres aim to booster cooperation, education, and research best practices exchange within the Euro-Mediterranean region, enhancing EMUNI’s and our network’s visibility and recognition in the area. Institutions interested in hosting such centres and engaging in collaborative efforts are encouraged to submit their proposals.

We look forward to your suggestions for cooperation in any of the above ways, to be submitted to and by downloading and filling in this form.

In the period 9-11 October 2024 we will host in Piran the EMUNI body meetings (Management Board, Senate and General Assembly) and the EMUNI conferencePast Hydrologic systems and Water Management in the Mediterranean”.

The call for papers is already on the conference website here. Feel free to distribute the information among your colleagues and researchers of your institution, so they can share their expertise and insights with academics, professionals and policy makers coming toPiran from all the Mediterranean Region.

Thank you once again for your continued support and dedication to the EMUNI network. Together, I am confident that we will accomplish remarkable achievements.


Prof. Dr Rado Bohinc
President of the Euro-Mediterranean University