EMUNI President Hosted NAKVIS Representatives to Discuss Future of Slovenian Higher Education

Piran, Slovenia – May 13, 2024 – Professor Dr. Rado Bohinc, the President of EMUNI University, hosted Dr. Franci Demšar and his substitute, Klemen Šubic, from the National Agency for Quality in Higher Education (NAKVIS). The meeting was also attended by Professor Dr. Roberto Biloslavo, Vice President of EMUNI, and Karen Gladović, Head of Higher Education Department.

The meeting was devoted to a discussion on the development of higher education in Slovenia and the key role of EMUNI in shaping its future path.

The discussions focused on EMUNI’s multifaceted involvement in the development of Slovenian higher education and its internationalisation. Prof. Bohinc and NAKVIS representatives discussed various aspects, including the development of new programmes offered by EMUNI in cooperation with Slovenian higher education institutions.

Throughout the meeting, Dr Bohinc emphasised EMUNI’s commitment to innovation and excellence in higher education. He stressed the importance of fostering cooperation and partnerships to improve educational opportunities and promote academic excellence both nationally and internationally, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region.

At the end of the meeting, all sides reaffirmed their commitment to cooperation and dialogue. The meeting was a demonstration of the shared vision of EMUNI and NAKVIS in further developing the quality of higher education in Slovenia.