EMUNI University is helping students with scholarship applications

In the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many students have been affected with uncertainty about the future of their studies. International students are left puzzled about how the new academic year will start if travels will be restricted and the most common questions they ask is if they will be able to apply and enrol in 2020 or will they have to defer until next year?

The other key concern they have is about the opportunities they have to fund their studies since seasonal jobs and their family support have drastically decreased due to financial crises caused by the pandemic situation.

Due to these facts, the number of students applying for scholarships will be in raise and therefore EMUNI University has decided to hold an online webinar to offer its expertise to students from the Euro-Mediterranean region who need help to write scholarship applications, to guide them how to be genuine in their motivational essay as well as to provide them with concrete information where to look for scholarships and funds. 

During the webinar, EMUNI University will present its programmes and facilitation for the new up-coming students due to COVID-19 and also present programmes and scholarship opportunities from the Inner Circle Network of EMUNI University.

In order to participate in the webinar, students need to send an email at enisa.musai@emuni.si