Since the start of the lockdown in Europe, EMUNI University has successfully provided teaching, learning, webinars, project activities, advice and support to professors, students and partners during the state of ‘emergency remote teaching and working’ as a result of the pandemic.

EMUNI University was built on the grounds of offering to learn and teaching innovation. As such, our degrees have been offered to our students via the blended learning system with the opportunity to study one semester online and one semester face-to-face.  Therefore, blended online learning was part of our experience long before COVID-19. With the pandemic crises that ‘forced’ Higher Education Institution to convert their classes online, EMUNI University was already experienced in teaching and learning modernization and did not need to adjust due to the “new normal”.

Dr.Prof. Gorazd Justinek, professor in our Master Degree Programme in Intercultural Business Communication comments about the online methods EMUNI uses to deliver online teaching and how helpful they were during these pandemic adjustments,

“It was very helpful to be already experienced in teaching online, since there was no special time needed for us as teachers and students to get used to these changes, we already implemented them. Practically, there was no extra preparation time needed which was a great support for the normal continuation of teaching and learning” 

The Master Degree Programme in Intercultural Business Communication is scheduled to start in October 2020 and the application deadline is September the 6th, 2020. The Master’s Degree in Intercultural Business Communication is an interdisciplinary study programme offering knowledge and skills to support the communication of market actors (enterprises and non-profit organisations). Particular attention is paid to the command of languages, contemporary modes of business administration, including internet marketing and international strategies, and key soft skills of intercultural dialogue and intercultural relations. The objective is to provide robust knowledge of the specificities of conducting business in the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond, as well as to develop communication and intra-personal skills of individuals, allowing them to assume managerial responsibilities with confidence.