A success story: EMUNI student is now a published author

Haythem Sendi is the holder of a Master’s Research Degree in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Sousse – the Higher Institute of Management in Tunisia. He is currently enrolled in the International Business Communication Masters Programme at EMUNI University in Slovenia.

At present, Haythem is working on the relationship between migration, international entrepreneurship, and social capital in the context of Tunisian Returnee Entrepreneurs, with Pr. Dr. Gorazd Justinek. As President and Founder of the association Jeunes Tunisiens Créatifs AJTC, he has worked at several NGOs, including Penal Reform International, and MILA Foundation (Poland) in the project Youth Councils in Tunisia. He is also a member of the Mediterranean Youth for Water network, as well as a representative for EMUNI students on the Management Board and a chairperson on the EMUNI student council.  

In his book, published in 2019 by Éditions Universitaires Européennes (ISBN: 978-613-8-49861-2), Haythem uses the agency and stewardship theory to study the behaviour of Founder-CEOs of French-listed companies in the post-initial public offering (IPO) stage in terms of compensation, R&D investment, and financial performance. The results obtained from a sample of 132 firm-year observations provides an overview of agency costs in terms of corporate governance perspectives, the benefits of having a founder-CEO post, and the entrepreneurial transition from a private-held firm to a public firm, where the ownership is dispersed. This study demonstrates that there is no difference in compensation between Founder-CEO and Professional CEO while Founder Managed Firms (FMF) tend to invest more in R&D post-IPO.

The book is now available on Amazon:   https://www.amazon.com/Founder-CEOs-Compensation-investment-post-IPO-French/dp/6138498615