4th MEDHUB Event: Applied sciences and technology in support of healthy and active lifestyle in the Euro-Mediterranean region

The fourth in the series of events by the MEDHUB project (Building a Knowledge Hub on the Euro-Mediterranean) tackled the role of nutrition, physical activity, genetics and lifestyles for the holistic development of a child. 1,5 day event held in English language attracted close to 200 people, mostly Slovenians and those from nearby regions (Croatia, Italy, Austria) but also some speakers from other Mediterranean countries, North and South.

The future generations are the core of our societies, on which the scientific knowledge and experience should be focussed. Yet these generations live in environments that are very different from the ones, where their ancestors grew up: more people live in cities, they do less physical activity throughout the day, they cook less themselves, they spend more time indoors.

The Mediterranean region (famous especially for its healthy Mediterranean diet) has a great potential in promoting itself through the intersection of these issues. The key to a successful translation of the knowledge is in joining forces of medical sciences, kinesiology and nutrition sciences and their ability to reach the ordinary people.  More information to follow in a report from the event!

EMUNI University in cooperation with ZRS Koper organising this event in the framework of the project MEDHUB – Building a Knowledge Hub in the Euro-Mediterranean. This project is part of the Jean Monnet Module funded by the Eramus+ programme.