Full professor, scientific councilor
Study Programme

Master in Kinesiology of Human Performance


Advanced applied kinesiology

Outdoor Physical Activity

Area of Habilitation


Research Area

His priority research areas include the study of motor development and motor learning, as well as the diagnostics and research of skeletal muscles, where emphasis is put on monitoring adaptive capacities of skeletal muscles.

Short Bio

Prof. Rado Pišot graduated from the Faculty of Sport at the University of Ljubljana (UL) and got his master’s degree at a joint programme of the Faculty of Sport University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He got his doctoral degree in kinesiology sciences in 1997 at the Faculty of Sport of the UL.

Research programme and national projects management in progress:

Since 2009 he is leading the P5-0381 Kinesiology for the Quality of Life research programme. in his fruitful carrier he leaded 10 national research projects and 5 EU projects included the international research programme in cooperation with partners – European/Italian Space Agency: BEDREST Valdoltra – Impact of Simulated Micro-Gravity on the Human Organism (2006-08, 2012, 2019.

Research success last 5 years (2017-22): 46 original and 6 review scientific papers in the last 5 years, 2277 citations last 10 years and 875 bibliographical units from field of sport science, training, biomechanical of sport (see SICRIS – April 2022 – https://bib.cobiss.net/bibliographies/si/webBiblio/bib301_20220502_204455_11612.html

Besides research he is director of the Scientific and Research Center Koper since 2016. He also lecture at the University of Primorska, Applied Kinesiology study programme till 2017, post-graduate programmes of the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education of University.

Contact Details: rado.pisot@zrs-kp.si