Study Programme

Master in Kinesiology of Human Performance


Research methods and epidemiology


Area of Habilitation


Research Area

Kinesiology, Skeletal muscle plasticity (physical inactivity, microgravity, rehabilitation, sport exercise).

Short Bio

Prof. Boštjan Šimunič, PhD, is an engineer of computer sciences and researcher in the field of kinesiology. He is head of the 20-member Institute for Kinesiology Research at Science and Research Centre Koper (Slovenia). His main research field is plasticity and diagnostics in skeletal muscles. In his PhD work, he presented a medical diagnostic method for assessing skeletal muscle contractile properties – tensiomyography. The method is patented in EU (applicant TMG-BMC Ltd.) and he co-established a spin-off company. He published 101 scientific publications in peer review journals and reached 2206 clean citations. He led several research projects in sarcopenia, ageing, physical inactivity, microgravity, biomedical signal processing and muscle quality. He mentored several PhD students and got several awards (two KRKA prizes, excellent achievements in sports and study, messenger of science at ZRS Koper, Bloudek award). He was an Olympian and holds a national record in the triple jump.