30 hours

Credit value: 8 ECTS


The course will immerse you in contemporary Italian culture and help deepen your cultural knowledge and linguistic communicative competences. It is integrated with the language course (A1/A2 level) already offered, taking up and expanding the teaching units therein by examining the following topics: Italy, work, family, house/home, daily life, at the restaurant, shopping, school, fashion, leisure time, holidays, art, cinema, music.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

After taking this course, you will gain knowledge in:

  1. Fundamental theories and principles of intercultural communication that will help you to explore linguistic and non-linguistic factors of communication
  2. How to develop critical thinking skills and awareness of linguistic and non-linguistic patterns of daily communication in Italian
  3. The capacity to draw connections between theory and practice, knowledge, abilities and skills used in the research of the practice of intercultural education
  4. Reflecting on how to critically assess your knowledge of linguistics and seek opportunities to improve your language and metalinguistic skills.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Frontal teaching, working in smaller groups, independent student work, e-learning. Teaching methods will include explanation, conversation/discussion, working with texts, case studies, roleplay, and student presentations.


Oral and written examination, oral work, coursework, project work, active participation in lessons, completion and presentation of a seminar paper.

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The course is taught by:

Dr. Elisabetta Pavan

Nives Zudič Antonič – EMUNI