IBC Masters Student – An Internship Success Story

Ghada Neji, a second-year Intercultural Business Communication (IBC) Masters Student at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), is close to completing her internship at the Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH).

During the three months she has spent at the institution, Ghada has deepened her understanding of internet marketing strategies, web analytics, sustainable innovation and how to prepare sustainability reports for organisations.

Ghada only has positive words to say about her time in Germany: ” My internship at TUHH has been an extremely rewarding experience. Spending 12 weeks under the guidance of people who want to share their knowledge with you and help you to foster your communication skills is really invaluable.”

In addition, she has had the opportunity to attend communication classes and meet people from a variety of backgrounds, with whom she has shared ideas and experiences.

“I can honestly say I have learned something new every day as an intern and I am really happy with this experience.”

At EMUNI, we could not be more proud of our students and the continued efforts they make to apply their knowledge in the real world following their period of study with our institution.

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