Student Boot camp and event ‘Taste of Mediterranean’, at EMUNI

The Student Boot Camp is held at the Euro Mediterranean University (EMUNI) in Piran, Slovenia,
between 6 and 17 June 2022. Boot camp gathers students from South-Mediterranean partner
universities who are the authors of the best digital stories on the topic of interculturalism. During the
2-week stay in Piran, students attend seven modules in interculturalism, innovation and creativity,
leadership, art and event management and participation. At the same time, students participate in the
preparation of strategic documents on the internationalisation of home universities. Different
activities are organised during the Boot Camp to promote and support intercultural learning.
The event ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ was held on Monday, 13 June, as part of Boot Camp to
promote the rich cultural diversity of the South-Mediterranean countries. Thirty students and teachers
from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan presented their country through food, customs,
traditional music and objects.
The Student Boot Camp will end on Thursday, 16 June, with an exhibition of students’ art products and
a presentation of the best photos and short videos created during their stay in Slovenia.
The student Boot Camp hosts 34 students from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan and 20
lecturers from MED2IaH partner universities. Most of the students and lecturers are in Piran, and some
participate in the activities through the e-environment.