The EMNES project has been carefully designed to contribute to the general objective of reinforcing dialogue and promoting socio-economic research and studies in priority themes of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, particularly focusing on employment creation and social inclusion, especially among the youth. It is also designed to ensure the dissemination of the results of these studies and research to civil society and socio-economic policy makers. A main objective of the EMNES network is to increase the capacity of research institutions and think-tanks on both shores of the Mediterranean in measuring and analysing trends and challenges in the region due to synergy effects especially fuelled through collaborative research, joint publications, scientific meetings, annual conferences, workshops, and the publication of policy briefs, annual reports and books. Whilst the northern partners contribute with analytical tools and research methods, the southern institutes contribute with policy-relevant facts, primary data, knowledge, experience and dissemination on the ground.
This project is expected to allow a younger generation of researchers who are experts in their fields to provide policy makers with a renewed vision for socio-economic development in the southern Mediterranean countries, mainly focusing on employment creation, social inclusion, and sustainable development.
The project foresees research activities (at least 30 studies and surveys), dissemination through the organisation of annual conferences, and workshop meetings to bring together leading researchers and emerging scholars, policy makers and representatives of civil society to discuss and debate optimal policies for the future of their region.

Consortium Partners:

Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium (Coordinator)

Euro-Mediterranean University, Slovenia

Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Egypt

Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Morocco

Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Carthage, Tunisia

Institut Tunisien de la Compétitivité et des Études Quantitatives, Tunisia

Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, Morocco

Freie Universität Berlin, Centre for Middle Eastern and North African Politics, Germany

Yarmouk University, Economics Department, Jordan

Duration of the Project:

1st March 2015 – 28th February 2019 (48 months)

Coordinator’s Contact:

Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Dr. Rym Ayadi


Project Website:

Funding Agency:

Co-funded by the European Union under Grant Contract n° ENPI/2014/354-488, and the EMNES Partners and Associates.

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