Diana Rico, Junior Researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), has completed a dynamic Erasmus+ staff training mobility week in Portugal.

Diana spent a fruitful and productive time at the University of Aveiro from 5-7 July, 2023.

During the mobility, Diana had the opportunity to visit an installation of the University of Aveiro, including part of the collection of the science museum, where she gained knowledge of the process of deep sea mining, its methods, results and raw materials, environmental risks, state of the art developments, and its relation to the blue economy sector.

Diana also attended several lectures with an emphasis on algae production and its benefits for the blue economy, the importance of monitoring and data analysis of ocean processes in order to produce not only scientific papers, but also policies and strategic management plans for the sustainable use of marine resources. Diana: ´´In particular, I found spatial observation of the sea very interesting, and I learned how students from schools in Portugal are using data provided by the European Spatial Agency with the programme, Copernicus SENTINEL satellite, to conduct research projects.´´ Diana also acquired knowledge of the tools and instruments the European Commission employs to support research and innovation in marine science, blue economy and sustainability. Finally, Diana underwent training in ocean literacy and its importance for the blue economy, how to engage stakeholders in blue economy projects, and learned about the supply chain for fisheries and aquaculture in Portugal.

The mobility had great personal impact on Diana for her professional development while greatly benefitting EMUNI, and in particular the Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy (CoE-SUBE), for which Diana engaged two more experts. At local and regional level, the mobility proved to be advantageous, as Diana was well placed to raise the profile of EMUNI´s location, Piran in Slovenia, as a reference point in the blue economy sector. Time spent engaging with staff at the University of Aveiro can only present further opportunities to explore potential areas of collaboration and shared ideas for future initiatives aimed at enhancing marine science, the blue economy and ocean literacy.