The Euro-Mediterranean University´s (EMUNI) approach to higher education is inspired by the effort to foster cooperation grounded in ethics and sustainability. However, it is also guided by unavoidable pragmatism in providing students and graduates with the hard skills and open-mindedness that will help their future in the job market. 

These goals are best represented by the emphasis on mobility within the framework of EMUNI’s Master in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC). Indeed, it is a matter of pride for EMUNI to see our students prove their capabilities during their traineeships abroad.

Marwen Ayed completed his mobility from 10 June 2023 – 10 September 2023 at The National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) in Trieste, Italy.

During Marwen´s Erasmus+ traineeship at OGS he engaged in a variety of activities that encompassed both professional and cultural experiences. These activities not only contributed to his academic and career growth, but also enriched his understanding of the host country’s culture and work environment. Marwen´s professional activities included:

Social Media Management: One of the primary professional activities he undertook was the management of OGS’s social media presence, particularly on Facebook. Marwen was responsible for creating content, designing graphics, and writing posts related to OGS projects, notably the Advanced Mastes in Sustainable Blue Economy. This role allowed him to hone his skills in digital marketing and communication.

Content Creation: Marwen contributed to content creation for OGS in multiple ways by writing news articles for the website, designing a comprehensive brochure for the Advanced Masters programme, and revamping the organisation’s newsletter. These activities improved his content writing, graphic design, and publication management skills.

Video Production: Another significant aspect of Marwen´s internship involved video production. He coordinated, filmed, edited, and animated video interviews with current students in the Sustainable Blue Economy programme. This hands-on experience enhanced his proficiency in video production and editing, as well as 2D animation.

Project Proposal Assistance: Marwen actively participated in assisting OGS in the development of project proposals. This exposed him to the research and grant proposal writing process, which is crucial in securing funding for research initiatives.

Marwen described the impact of his Erasmus+ mobility at OGS as profound and far-reaching, both personally and professionally. The experience enriched his life by facilitating skills development, networking and exposure to research. Marwen: “The Erasmus mobility at OGS has been a transformative experience that has enhanced my professional skills, broadened my cultural horizons, and inspired me to pursue a career path that combines intercultural business communication and environmental sustainability. The impact of this mobility will continue to shape my academic and professional journey for years to come.”

OGS is EMUNI´s partner in its Summer School initiatives and is a member of EMUNI´s Inner Circle network.