Mounir GHRIBI, PhD, Director of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy

Mounir Ghribi is Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), Slovenia. 

Dr. Ghribi holds a PhD. in methods for monitoring environmental change from the University of Trieste; a Masters in Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer from the Politecnico di Milano; a MSc in Environmental Management from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Crete; and an Engineering degree from the ESAM School of Engineering, Tunisia. 

Dr. Ghribi is Director of International Cooperation and Research Promotion (ICAP) at Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS) in Trieste, Italy. He is also Director of the Advanced Masters in Sustainable Blue Economy jointly organised by OGS and the University of Trieste as well as the Coordinator for the Blue Skills Project for Developing Skills in the Blue Economy Sector in the Mediterranean, a project labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) in 2019 and winner of the Best Project Award in 2021. Dr. Ghribi is also Professor of Sustainable Development and Science Diplomacy at EUCLID Intergovernmental University. 

A former United Nations Officer, Dr. Ghribi was in charge of capacity building and the fellowship programme at ICS-UNIDO (UN Industrial Development Organisation). He is a member of the UfM advisory board on Mediterranean for Jobs Initiative (Med4Jobs), and represents Italy in various other international initiatives, namely the intergovernmental forum for the Western Mediterranean Forum (5+5 Dialogue) for Research, Innovation and Higher Education, as well as the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative. Dr. Ghribi also coordinates the internationalisation of the national Blue Italian Growth (BIG) cluster.