Credit value: 14 ECTS


The Master´s Thesis focuses on:

  1. The preparation of the disposition of the thesis (development of theoretical frameworks, identification of the research problem, development of hypotheses or research questions, definition of research limitations, identification and argumentation of the research methods, identification of the contribution of the thesis to the practice and/or theory, identification of references (literature)
  2. The formal application of the thesis and mentor
  3. The identification, search, selection and retrieval of the references (literature)
  4. Study of the references (literature)
  5. Study of the possible research methods
  6. Implementation of the research methods to obtain primary or secondary data, calculations and their analysis
  7. Writing the thesis
  8. The preparation of the presentation of the thesis
  9. Public presentation of the thesis

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

After taking this course, you will gain:

  1. The knowledge of the approaches and solutions for planning and carrying out small research tasks
  2. The ability to identify the necessary data and other resources and approaches to solve the research problem and carry out the analysis
  3. The ability to apply research methods and techniques and their use in a concrete situation
  4. The opportunity to collaborate with a mentor
  5. The ability to integrate knowledge on economics, business and management within a concrete business environment and knowledge management.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Individual student work Consulting with mentor


Longer written casework/master thesis Presentations

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