EMUNI Receives President Of Heliopolis University For Mobility Training

Between 13 and 17 September 2021, at EMUNI, we had the pleasure to receive a visit by the President of Heliopolis University, Prof. Dr Mohamed Yousri Hashem, in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Mobility project. Dr Hashem met with the EMUNI staff from various departments and attended the General Assembly meeting.

On the occasion of his visit and of the General Assembly meeting, Dr Hashem participated in the discussion of the EMUNI strategy and its adoption under the mid-term review. Moreover, EMUNI and Heliopolis University have agreed on the next steps to take in the Erasmus+ capacity building project Towards Internalisation at Home, coordinated by EMUNI and of which Heliopolis University is a Partner Institution.

Finally, both universities look forward to collaborating on education programmes under the Euro-Mediterranean Postgraduate School in teaching and student’s exchanges.