ISTRIAN EMIGRATION AND ITS IMPACT TODAY – Public Lecture by Dr Lidija Nikočević

EMUNI is thrilled to announce the first Public Lecture of 2022, which will take place tomorrow Tuesday, 15 February 2022.

Via zoom conference, EMUNI will host Dr Lidija Nikočević‘s lecture by the title “Istrian Emigration and its Impact Today”.

Dr Nikočević’s lecture focuses on the difficult heritage of exiled Istrians about whom, especially regarding their emigration to Italy, there are still conflicting histories, national historiographies, and references by political leaders. However, the mass exodus of at least 200.000 Istrians resulted in outcomes that are still noticeable today in Istria, profoundly influencing its economy and culture in general.

Dr Lidija Nikočević is an anthropologist, dealing with oral traditions, ideas of heritage, and societal memories.  She has done extensive research on challenging topics and has published scholarly texts, notably on the anthropology of borders and migrations. Other areas of her professional interest include anthropology of tourism, food anthropology, and historical anthropology.

Everyone is welcome to tune into the lecture on Tuesday 15 February at 14:00 (CET) via this zoom link.