The Euro-Mediterranean University´s (EMUNI) approach to higher education is inspired by the effort to foster cooperation grounded in ethics and sustainability. However, it is also guided by unavoidable pragmatism in providing students and graduates with the hard skills and open-mindedness that will help their future in the job market. 

These goals are best represented by the emphasis on mobility within the framework of EMUNI’s Master in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC). Indeed, it is a matter of pride for EMUNI to see our students prove their capabilities during their traineeships abroad.

Eslam Badawy Mostafa completed his mobility from 11 January 2023 – 10 April 2023 at D5 production GmbH in Austria.

During his three-month traineeship, Eslam assisted the team with tasks and observed the team at work. Eventually, he was trusted with the responsibility of undertaking research and producing a documentary about water, which involved searching for information about water and sustainability, as well as possible locations and sources to interview.  With the team, he went to several locations and filmed with several sources, including at Coca-Cola’s Römerquelle.

From the internship, Eslam was able to gain great insight into the filming process, eventually becoming able to make recommendations and notes during filming and researching that were taken into consideration: “For example, more than once there was something wrong in the shot that I noticed and other times, I noticed good shots and recommended them. I also developed my research skills while researching the topics we worked on and was able to find good sources and potential interviewees,” Eslam told the EMUNI Erasmus team.  

Culturally speaking, Eslam added: “I learned how to conduct work in a European work setting. I learned during the internship about the work culture in Vienna and in the production industry. Most of the work and meetings were carried out in German. That helped me improve my German language skills.” Indeed, to prepare for the mobility in Vienna, he had to work on his German language skills, using his knowledge from past university courses. I also used his previous work experience and skills in journalism in the office.

The mobility gave Eslam practical knowledge, enabling him to apply what he learned during the EMUNI Masters programme, for example by observing marketing work and the production process in reality. He also successfully developed his teamwork skills.

Eslam insists intercultural exchanges such as this mobility are always beneficial for both parties involved and help construct bridges and knowledge between cultures.