The Euro-Mediterranean University´s (EMUNI) approach to higher education is inspired by the effort to foster cooperation grounded in ethics and sustainability. However, it is also guided by unavoidable pragmatism in providing students and graduates with the hard skills and open-mindedness that will help their future in the job market. 

These goals are best represented by the emphasis on mobility within the framework of EMUNI’s Master in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC). Indeed, it is a matter of pride for EMUNI to see our students prove their capabilities during their traineeships abroad.

Emna Jbara completed her mobility from 11 January 2023 – 10 April 2023 at UBI Business School in Brussels, Belgium.

During her mobility experience, Emna organised several events that allowed her to expand her network and meet people from various institutions. She also met with individuals from QS Stars, a rating system for educational institutions, which was an enriching experience as it enabled Emna to gain insight into the global higher education landscape. One of the most memorable events was the QS fair, where she had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with some of the brightest minds in the business world and top universities. Emna was also involved in preparing for the NVAO accreditation process, which was crucial for UBI.

Emna´s mobility experience had a profound impact on her both personally and professionally since it increased her global awareness. By travelling to a different country, she was able to gain a broader perspective on the world and appreciate the diversity of cultures and practices. Emna described how the mobility:

  • Enhanced her intercultural communication skills as she learned how to communicate more effectively with people from different cultures, an invaluable skill in today’s globalised world.
  • Expanded her professional network: she had the opportunity to meet professionals from various institutions and industries, which allowed her to expand her contacts list. This has since proven to be valuable in her career development.
  • Improved her language skills: she had the chance not only to work in English, but also to use French, Italian and German
  • Increased her self-confidence: finally, the mobility experience helped her to become more self-confident. Emna added: “Travelling to a new place and navigating unfamiliar environments can be challenging, but by doing so, I proved to myself that I am capable of adapting to new situations and environments.”

By participating in a mobility programme, Emna emphasised how she was able to represent EMUNI and build connections with professionals and institutions from other countries. This helped to promote both institutions on a global level and showcase the high-quality education and expertise that EMUNI can offer.

Additionally, her mobility experience enabled her to bring back valuable knowledge, skills, and perspectives that she could share with her colleagues. By participating in events and workshops with UBI Business School, Emna also promoted EMUNI and helped build connections with professionals from other countries, which can only serve enhance the reputation of the University and increase visibility on a regional level.