EMUNI Invites You To The 2021 Erasmus days

Here at EMUNI, we are proud to participate in the fifth edition of the celebration of the Erasmus+ programme. On the 14, 15 and 16 of October, EMUNI and its partners will celebrate the Erasmus+ programme by organising a series of online events. We are certain that these initiatives will be further enriched by the participation of everyone in our network.

Since its inception, EMUNI has been committed to forwarding greater integration between academic institutions across the Mediterranean. This is why EMUNI supports academic mobility throughout its network; acknowledging the benefits it entails: from training opportunities for its staff to the internationalisation of partner institutions, by way of creating opportunities for students to study, work, explore and grow.

Thus, EMUNI considers the Erasmus+ programme to be the single greatest boost to academic cooperation, European integration and the free circulation of ideas. We call upon our network of partners, students, teachers, alumni, followers and sympathisers to celebrate with us by joining in on our events.

Euro-Mediterranean Countries - the cultural diversity and the student cooperation challenges

Europe and the Mediterranean countries are bound by history, geography and culture. 

In this session, we’ll discuss the opportunities of internationalization, especial student mobility in all directions, and the impact of COVID-19. We will present some good practices of virtual mobilities and cultural dimensions in curricular and extra-curricular activities that we developed in the project MED2IaH.

With: Sabrina Brillante, Dorsaf Ben Malek, Arica Novak


What will the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship look like?

In this online session, we will share our learnings about teaching & coaching creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.

Join us to find out:

  • How is the learning landscape shifting today? What are the main trends across the education system? Are you and your institution future-ready?
  • What do you need to prepare your students’ learning journey? Do you have access to tools that can facilitate the transformation of the learning experiences you are currently leading? Are the learning styles and processes adequately leverage these tools
  • How do you know if the learning journey you deliver achieves its desired results for the learners? How can you measure them?

With: Olga Koshnagina, Kyriaki Papageorgiou


Lifelong learning in the age of digital transformation: Chances and challenges for institutions of higher education

This online session is concerned with the disruptive opportunities and challenges that digital transformation brings to higher education institutions. Based on insights generated in our project, we will share our results and discuss with the participants the following issues:

(1)  How can institutions of higher education turn disruptive challenges into promising opportunities?

(2)  How can the requisite competencies for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE) be imparted to those that need it the most efficiently and effectively?

(3)  How can we use the approach of frugal innovation (“affordable green excellence”) to enable lifelong learning and mitigate the global societal challenges by ensuring social inclusion?

With: Rajnish Tiwari


Student’s Roundtable on Mobility Challenges and Opportunities

This student-centred roundtable explores the experience with Erasmus Mobility of EMUNI students and students who chose the EMUNI University for their incoming study or traineeship mobility. 

Students will be invited to discuss challenges and benefits arising from these Mobilities in an open way and with reflexive attitudes. In continuation, the Head of Academic Affairs at EMUNI University, Jerneja Penca, will moderate a discussion with the students on the significance of integrating green aspects into the mobility programme, and more specifically, on how the European Commission’s priority of “green mobility” can best be accomplished.

With: Jerneja Penca