The Euro-Mediterranean Universtiy (EMUNI) was delighted to host Hanaa Shawer, Senior Arts’ Instructor and Team Leader at Heliopolis University, from 13-17 June, 2022 for an Erasmus+ staff training mobility.

Ms. Shawer participated in summer bootcamp by facilitating two workshops for students on Islamic art and pre-historic art. She also collected feedback from both students and staff about suggested methods to develop and disseminate the concept of similar intercultural events and projects in home institutions. An event was then organized by the students to introduce their home countries in a creative way, highlighting traditional and cultural heritage and events.

The aim of the workshops was to promote an increased acceptance of different point of views and tolerance through practical exercises that led to engagement and reflection. Ms. Shawer hopes that by repeating similar mobilities in the long term, there will be a positive impact at local and/or regional level, thus helping to close the gap between different cultures. The initiative is part of the Erasmus+, Capacity building in Higher Education (CBHE) project The MEDiterranean countries: Towards Internationalisation at Home (MED2IaH), for which EMUNI is the coordinator.

This mobility highlighted the opportunities that could be offered to students of Heliopolis University, who can participate in further events which will help build their capacities and social skills. Ms. Shawer went on to say: ´´The mobility has increased the ability of my institution to cooperate at international level by giving more chances in the future for students and staff members to take part in similar events.´´