Alenka Breznik and Karen Gladović, from the Education Department of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), completed a dynamic Erasmus+ staff training mobility week at the Virtual University of Tunis (UVT) in Tunisia.

From 28.11.2022 – 3.12.2022, Alenka and Karen met with the international office of UVT and took part in their podcast, before meeting with the Representative of Sousse University and EMUNI Senator, Prof. Dr. Lotfi Ben Romdhane. Outside the University, Alenka and Karen engaged in networking with UVT and EMUNI students living in Tunisia and embarked on a guided visit to the Medina of Tunis and Sousse.

The mobility had a number of  positive impacts, including facilitating a better recognition of EMUNI and UVT University, enhanced awareness of Erasmus+ mobility opportunities and priorities among colleagues, as well as among students and peers in the receiving country. EMUNI´s Education Department was also able to develop ideas about progress and new cooperation activities for both institutions, as well as improve knowledge of the Arabic language and intercultural differences and similarities.

At institutional level, the mobility highlighted a mutual interest in further cooperation between both EMUNI and UVT through teaching and research, future partnerships in new project applications, and future exchanges of staff between the institutions. The mobility thus will contribute in the long-term to the region-wide mission of EMUNI, which is to foster even stronger cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean between universities on both shores.

Karen Gladović, Prof. Dr. Lotfi Ben Romdhane and Alenka Breznik