In the first half of this year, the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) received two mobility students from universities in its network: 24 year-old Maria Nițulescu and 27 year-old Silvio Jorge Correia Duarte.

Maria is studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Management at the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania, and Silvio, who comes from Cape Verde Islands, is currently completing his degree in Didactics of Modern Languages at the University of Urbino ´Carlo Bo,´ Italy.

Above from left: Maria on the iconic Tartini Square, Piran and with Study Affairs Coordinator, Alenka Breznik

Maria chose to come to EMUNI in Piran, Slovenia for several reasons: “The charming coastal town, with its rich history and vibrant culture, immediately captivated me. But beyond its beauty, EMUNI offers a diverse range of courses that are both intriguing and highly relevant to my field of study.”

Maria joined the EMUNI Masters Degree in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC) and immediately identified her favourite course: Internationalization Strategies, which provided her with practical insights into the creation of business plans from the ground up. Maria believes this hands-on approach was incredibly enriching and has equipped her with skills that she will undoubtedly carry forward with her career.

On the value of mobility, Maria says: “For anyone considering applying for a mobility program, my advice is unequivocal: go for it. Participating in an Erasmus mobility program is a unique experience.You get the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, which broadens your perspective and enhances your adaptability and meet people from all corners of the world, forging friendships and professional connections that can last a lifetime. Living and studying in a different environment pushes you out of your comfort zone, fostering personal growth and self-discovery. The courses you take and the experiences you gain are invaluable, providing a competitive edge in your academic and professional pursuits.”

“I am particularly interested in developing a start-up focused on sustainable and innovative products. The hands-on experience in creating business and export plans has given me the confidence to navigate the complexities of starting a business, from market analysis to execution.”

As Maria prepares to graduate, she is focused on the future: her next steps involve harnessing the skills and experiences she´s gained during her time at EMUNI to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The goal? To start her own business, where she can implement the strategies and insights she has learned.

Silvio also joined the MA in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC), choosing EMUNI, because he wanted to have a different experience at a university abroad: “I saw that EMUNI was located in a beautiful area near the sea, which seemed wonderful to me. The mobility helped me so much, because I had the opportunity to see how other universities work. Moreover, I could practise my English skills and I also met people from different part of the world, was something amazing.”

Silvio´s favourite course was (unsurprisingly!) English Language with tutor Sophie Burton. The lessons focused on business topics such as finance, marketing and business strategies, which students were then asked to apply in a final end of year presentation to launch a new product or service of their design. Although he has a knowledge of English, Silvio found he learned so much from the lessons in terms of vocabulary in a business context, while the curriculum was interesting.

Silvio recommends an Erasmus mobility, because it can expand your horizons and help you grow as person and aspires to work as a languages teacher in high school education.

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