Vision: the Future of the CIE Journey

After nine months of hard work by all project partners, VISION is now close to approaching its objective. During the past four months, we have done 130 interviews with various experts in the fields of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship from around the world.

In November, we organised six internal workshops, four of which focused on the core issues for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship educators:

  • Social impact and relevance;
  • Industry 4.0 & future of work;
  • Digital transformation; and
  • Readiness to tackle emergent topics & methods

Up to 30 key insights were identified from the research in each of the four areas, thus enabling the next two workshops to focus on consolidating the results obtained.

Today, we organised the first of two planned digital interactive workshops where we invited external experts to have a constructive debate on the Future Needs & Future Challenges of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship over the next decade.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the workshop was held virtually with the support of Idea Clouds.

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