President Bohinc’s Visit to Cyprus: Empowering Youth for Sustainable Futures

President Bohinc of EMUNI University recently undertook a significant visit to Cyprus, where he participated in two pivotal events highlighting the university’s dedication to education for sustainable development (ESD) and the promotion of youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

Participation in the UNECE Forum on Education for Sustainable Development

From June 27-28, 2024, President Bohinc attended the UNECE Forum on Education for Sustainable Development themed “Empowering Youth for Sustainable Futures.” This forum addressed critical challenges within higher education, particularly focusing on empowering youth from marginalized backgrounds across the Mediterranean region. President Bohinc proposed the establishment of the Eu Med Students Empowerment Fund, aimed at providing scholarships for master’s and PhD candidates from underserved communities. This initiative seeks to cultivate a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs equipped with the requisite skills for inclusive and sustainable development.

Visit to Cyprus University

During his visit to Cyprus University, President Bohinc explored potential collaborations in study programs and admired the campus and library facilities. This visit served to strengthen the partnership between EMUNI University and Cyprus University, underscoring their mutual commitment to educational excellence and sustainable development.

President Bohinc’s visit to Cyprus exemplifies EMUNI University’s steadfast commitment to advancing sustainable education and empowering youth on a global scale. Through initiatives such as the Eu Med Students Empowerment Fund and collaborative efforts with Cyprus University, EMUNI University continues to set a precedent in nurturing socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.