Mobility to Morocco Foretells Promising Strengthening of Cross-Mediterranean Cooperation

Between the 26 of March and the 1 of April, our colleague Polona Oblak benefited from Erasmus+ training mobility to Morocco. Polona works at EMUNI’s Education Department and also teaches Italian in EMUNI’s Master’s in Intercultural Business Communication.

Polona, who is very familiar with Morocco, visited the International University of Rabat (UIR) and the EuroMed University of Fez (UEMF).

At the former, she participated in the University’s info day for new students and familiarised herself with the educational programmes and research departments of the University of Rabat. Namely, she discovered the operations and structures of the Academic Affairs department, the Offices for International Affairs and Mobilities as well as the Department of Languages, Cultures and Civilisations.

The second leg of her mobility brought her to Fez. There, Polona met the Dean of the Faculty of Human and social sciences, professors and PhD students as well as the head of the Translation and Traductology department. Our colleague also served as an emissary of our institution since she delivered a presentation on EMUNI and its projects.

This is all beneficial to future partnerships in new project applications as well as exchanges of teaching staff. Additionally, the visit to UEMF, as for the visit to UIR was an occasion to visit the Campus. Moreover, it would not be an Erasmus experience without a taste of cultural heritage, local cuisine and sightseeing. In fact, any of these aspects cannot be ignored to ensure the mutual understanding that is necessary for academic cooperation. Additionally, the visit also offered the opportunity to discover more about the Berber culture.

Polona reported that the mobility had a positive impact also on the side of her activity as a Language teacher. In fact, in Morocco, she could brush up on her French, Spanish and Italian, while picking up some Arabic.

As a result of the visit, EMUNI’s cooperation with both UEMF and UIR will be reinforced. This likely yield results in the joint organisation of summer schools, seminars and workshops for the publication of EMUNI’s International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies (IJEMS).