Associate professor
Study Programme

Master in Kinesiology of Human Performance


Outdoor Physical Activities

Dimensioning Exercise and Nutrition for Non-Communicable Diseases

Area of Habilitation


Research Area

Neuromechanics of human movement and neuro-muscular fatigue.
Human movement analysis using kinematics, force plates, isokinetics, tensiomiography, electromyography and its application into kinesiology and ergonomics.
Sports training, strength & conditioning and movement therapy for various targent groups.

Short Bio

After graduating at the Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana in 2004, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mitja Gerževič started working as a young researcher in the business sector at VISPORT d.o.o., where he had been developing, planning and conducting innovative individualized movement therapy programmes for people with special needs in an interdisciplinary team. He had also been planning and condicting fitness and kinesiotherapy programmes for top-level and recreational athletes, and leading internal trainings for therapists. In cooperation with SEVER d.o.o. however, he has also developed own modularly assembled balance boards for functional joint stabilization training.

He has many years of experience as sports coach, especially in rowing, volleyball and football, as well as a fitness instructor and Alpine skiing and snowboarding teacher. He was the head of the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding School at two local ski clubs. He lectured at the Ski Association of Slovenia – Association of Snowboard Teachers (ISIA licensing seminar), at the Sports Union of Slovenia (professional training programmes in sports) and he collaborated with the Creative Football Institute and Football Academy, where he had been implementating, analysing and interpretating measurement and testing results of young football players.

From 2010 to 2017 he worked as a researcher and higher education teacher at the University of Primorska. At the Institute for Kinesiology Research of the Science and Research Centre he was the head of the Laboratory for Kinesiology Research and was involved in several national and international research projects, while at the Faculty of Health Sciences he was teaching at the bachelor’s and master’s study programmes Applied Kinesiology. In 2017 he started working at the Euro-Mediterranean University Education Department as a Study Programmes and Study Affairs Coordinator, being responsible for the implementation of existing study programmes, development of new study programmes, management and implementation of projects in the field of capactiy building in higher education and supporting university bodies, such as the Senate and its commissions. He now teaches Klinical Kinesiology at the bachelor’s study programme Physiotherapy at the Alma Mater Europaea and Outdoor Physical Activities and Dimensioning Exercise and Nutrition for Non-Communicable Diseases at the master’s study programme Kinesiology of Human Performance at the EMUNI University.

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