Assistant Professor
Study Programme

Master in Intercultural Business Communication


Cultural Anthropology

Area of Habilitation

Social Gerontology


Short Bio

Dr. Marko Vidnjevič graduated as a Sociologist of Culture, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist from the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Ljubljana in 1999.

He undertook his doctoral studies at at the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Faculty of Postgraduate Humanities in Ljubljana, gaining the title Doctor of Science in Anthropology of Everyday Life (dissertation: Grandiose Narcissism on Example: Josip Broz Tito) in 2008.

Since 2016, Dr. Vidnjevič has been employed at Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor, as a researcher and lecturer in the field of Social Gerontology and Physiotherapy, at all three academic levels.

He has also been engaged in doctoral study at the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska since 2017, and from 2019 has been a visiting professor at Ningbo Technical University in China, an appointment which will last for 3 years.

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