EMUNI’s approach to higher education is inspired by the effort to foster cooperation grounded in ethics and sustainability. However, it is also guided by unavoidable pragmatism in providing students and graduates with the hard skills and open-mindedness that will help their future in the job market. 

These goals are best represented by the emphasis on mobility within the framework of EMUNI’s Master in Intercultural Business Communication (IBC). Indeed it is a matter of pride for EMUNI to see our students prove their capabilities during their traineeships abroad and engage in projects of social inclusivity. 

Emna Jbara completed her mobility from 1 July 2023 – 30 September 2023 at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) in Trieste, Italy.

During Emna´s mobility experience, she actively engaged in a multitude of professional and cultural activities. Professionally, she organised events to expand her network and interacted with individuals from various institutions. She had the privilege of participating in and organising the Trieste Next event, a science and city event, where she was able to exchange insights with professionals from esteemed scientific institutions such as OGS and SISSA. Culturally, she explored Trieste’s rich history through visits to landmarks like Miramare Castle, and embraced the city´s diverse cuisine, immersing herself in the local arts scene. This mobility experience not only fostered professional growth, but also enriched her understanding of Italian culture and global perspectives.

As a trainee at ICGEB, Emna also spearheaded a VR experience project from its inception, which has yielded remarkable outcomes. She also successfully fostered collaborations with local universities, experienced cutting-edge VR technology, championed diversity and inclusion, engaged the community, and implemented sustainable event practices. These efforts resulted in increased event attendance, positive participant feedback, enhanced community ties, and measurable impacts, including inspiring more students to pursue STEM careers.

Internally, Emna contributed to presentations, workshops, and cross-departmental collaborations, promoting a culture of shared knowledge within the organisation. Externally, she represented ICGEB at conferences, managed their social media and online presence, facilitated collaborations with partner organisations for joint publications, and engaged in educational outreach. Her role as a trainee was integral in maximising the reach and impact of initiatives, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing both within and outside the ICGEB.

Emna´s work at ICGEB left a profound impact on both her personal and professional growth. Firstly, it significantly elevated her global awareness, offering her a broader perspective on the world and fostering a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures and practices. Secondly, Emna´s time in Trieste honed her intercultural communication skills, teaching her to effectively interact with individuals from various cultural backgrounds—an invaluable skill in today’s interconnected world. Furthermore, the experience expanded Emna´s professional network, enabling her to forge connections with experts from diverse institutions and industries, which has since played a pivotal role in her career development. Additionally, the mobility contributed to the improvement of her language skills, not only in English, but also in Italian. Emna: “Lastly, it bolstered my self-confidence as I navigated new places and adapted to unfamiliar environments, proving to myself that I possess the adaptability and resilience needed to excel in diverse settings.”

Through her active participation in a mobility programme, Emna had the privilege of representing EMUNI and establishing meaningful connections with professionals and institutions from around the world. This served as a platform to globally promote both EMUNI and the outstanding quality of education and expertise it offers. Furthermore, her mobility experience proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge, skills, and fresh perspectives that Emna could subsequently share with her colleagues, contributing significantly to EMUNI’s internationalisation efforts.