Staff from Heliopolis University visits EMUNI

In what is ostensibly the last Erasmus+ mobility exchange of the 2021, EMUNI hosted a colleague administrative staff member from Heliopolis University from  from 6 to 10 December.

Sanaa Farag, responsible fro Quality Assurance at Heliopolis University, visited EMUNI premises in Piran where she had numerous productive meetings with her homologues at our institution and where she met the rest of EMUNI staff.

The training programme covered interviews with EMUNI staff from the  Education Department to learn procedures relating to communication with students online, registration for academic courses, follow-up, assessment methods, admission tests and examination systems.

At the top of the agenda for this Erasmus+ exchange were the methodologies that EMUNI employs to assess feedback  satisfaction from the students, the faculty, and administrative staff. It was an opportunity for mutual learning on how to anlayse results, draft reports, present them to the competent authorities and how to take and implement appropriate corrective measures.

As per Sanaa’s own assessment, the exchange was a chance to share good practices that will likely have a positive impact on her work. On EMUNI’s side, we always cherish the opportunity to host staff from partner universities on mobility as we firmly believe in the added value of such experiences.