EMUNI’s Extra Curriculum Activities: The underestimated importance of sports

EMUNI, in connection with the accreditation process for a new study program, will be hosting a discussion featuring two former Slovenian elite athletes who have also pursued academic careers. The event will take place on Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 13:00 CET.

dr. Petra Robnik: Sport as a developmental enabler of Society; the case of Slovenia.

dr. Rožle Prezelj: Between freedom of assembly and public interest (case study on sport regulation)

About the lecturers:
Petra Robnik Verdnik, PhD, specializes in Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems. She supports athletes at national, European, and global levels. She served as Acting Director General at the Sport Directorate, Ministry of Education, Science & Sport, and previously as Head of the Athletes Career Centre and Secretary of the Slovenian Olympians Association. Her expertise lies in Dual Career support for athletes, enriched by her Olympic sport experience. At the University of Maribor, she developed a National Dual Career model using advanced quantitative methods. She also contributed to the Erasmus+ Sport project and the IOC’s Athlete365 Career+ program. She is a former Winter Olympics representative of Slovenia in alpine skiing.

Rožle Prezelj, PhD, has over ten years of work experience in the field of sports. He is a national high jump record holder and a three-time Olympian. He graduated and earned his PhD from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ljubljana. He is the first protector of athletes’ rights in the Republic of Slovenia, and on 1 April 2023, he was appointed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for a second term, for a period of five years. He is a former Olympics representative of Slovenia in athletics.

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