EMUNI University granted a new Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals

The Euro-Mediterranean University is pleased to announce that it has received a new Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals KA107. The aim of the project is to improve the capacity to operate at an international level, exchange learning and management methods, capitalize on project opportunities, improve the organization’s curricula and experience the intercultural environment for enhancing mutual understanding. In addition, the project aims to build the capacity and skills of students and employees working in international and intercultural environments.

The Erasmus+ Programme, alongside the principle of internationalization, is therefore ingrained into the fabric of EMUNI. So far, EMUNI has deployed the Erasmus+ Programme as a tool for cooperation in the Euro-Med region, and for strengthening the institution. At the same time, EMUNI has contributed to the publicity of the Erasmus+ Programme values in the region and the promotion of EU values beyond the EU itself.

In the next implementation period, EMUNI will continue to see the Erasmus+ Programme as a quintessential tool for continually improving the institution’s functioning and outreach, as well as a powerful method of promoting the EU across the Mediterranean and beyond (in the context of science diplomacy and the objective of the Euro-Mediterranean Higher Education and Research Area), and a force for introducing new priorities into the operation of higher education institutions, such as sustainability, inclusiveness and digitization.

With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme and leveraging on its nature as a university and a network, EMUNI intends to establish concrete cooperation programmes and projects between the universities and research institutions, foster academic and intercultural exchange, and contribute to the structural transformation of the higher education and research area into a modern sector, where it responds to societal needs, including sustainability, employability and creativity. We believe that for the EU, EMUNI University represents a window to stimulate the Mediterranean nature of the Erasmus Programme, as a natural extension of its core, intra-European dimension.