The Euro-Mediterranean University´s Head of Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Jaka Vadnjal, spent one week on an Erasmus + teaching mobility from 12-19 April at the Euromed University of Fes (UEMF) in Morocco.

Prof. Dr. Vadnjal specialises in entrepreneurship, family business management, managing growing business, the business environment, and business and managerial economics and therefore, had the opportunity to deliver lectures at UEMF.

Hosted by Prof. Dr. Zakia El Yamani, who teaches marketing at Euromed Business School, Prof. Dr. Vadnjal gave a lecture on business modelling and digital marketing, focusing on how a digital marketing idea can be embedded in different parts of a business model canvas, whether it be a value proposal, customer relationship channel, revenue stream, key activity or partnership. This was followed by a Q&A session with the students.

Prof. Dr. Vadnjal was then hosted by Prof. Dr. Salwa Aligod, who specialises in management and entrepreneurship at Euromed Business School, and went on to lecture about possible growing strategies of a business and specifically, ´going international´, touching upon the opportunities and pitfalls of the internationalization strategy. He stressed the special role of family-owned businesses, which often provide opportunities to family members to prove their business abilities by establishing a new company in another country.

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amine Marhraoui, Prof. Dr. Zakia El Yamani, Prof. Dr. Salwa Aligod and Prof. Dr. Vadnjal

Accompanied by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amine Marhraoui, a Professor and Researcher at UEMF, Prof. Dr. Vadnjal gave a speech on different aspects of a business plan, which would be read from the various perspectives of stakeholders, such as business owners, employees, business partners and most importantly – the financers (bankers, venture capital fund managers etc.) He also highlighted to students the biggest and most common mistakes of the business planning process.

Prof. Dr. Vadnjal with the students of Euromed Business School

The Vice-President in charge of Cooperation and International Relations and Dean of the Pole of Health at UEMF, Prof. Dr. Salim Bounou, also welcomed Prof. Dr. Vadnjal. Together, they discussed future possibilities in joint projects, research, study development activities and of course mobilities. UEMF is also EMUNI´s partner in the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Competition (EMIC) and is currently hosting three of the six innovation candidates at bootcamp on its campus. Therefore, both institutions were able to touch base on the progress of the candidates in their task to build prototypes.

Prof. Dr. Vadnjal with Vice-President Prof. Dr. Salim Bounou

Overall, the mobility proved a success in terms of cross-Mediterranean cooperation, further enhancing the close relationship between EMUNI and UEMF, while providing the space to explore new collaborative opportunities.