Deadline for Application: 10th December 2018

The Erasmus+ is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the Lifelong Learning programme. It exists to promote student and staff mobility in higher education, principally within the EU.
This call is for student mobility. The Erasmus+ programme enables you to:
  1. study (Student Mobility for Studies),
  2. train (Student Mobility for Traineeships), or
  3. combine both
in Europe for a semester or a full year as part of your studies.

In doing so, this measure pursues the following objectives of mobility:

  • Improving learning competencies;
  • Increasing employability and employment prospects;
  • Increasing initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • Improving language skills;
  • Increasing intercultural awareness.

Students have the following opportunities under the Erasmus+ programme:

  • To perform a part of their study obligations at partner universities in one of the participating countries of the Erasmus+ Programme (see the list of EMUNI partner’s institutions attached);
  • To get work experiences in traineeships in companies from one of Erasmus+ eligible countries (company and country of traineeship are chosen and arranged by the student);
  • To receive financial support under the Erasmus+ programme (Erasmus+ Mobility grant).
For more details, please see the Erasmus+ for Higher Education Students and Staff – FAQ.

EMUNI’s students interested in the Erasmus+ Mobility for studies and/or traineeship (each student can apply for both), should send their motivation letter with subject Erasmus+ Mobility for studies and/or traineeship to before 10th December 2018. In case of remaining mobility grants after the expiry of the call, the call will remain open until all mobilities are granted.
In case of a greater number of applications than available, EMUNI will select the successful candidates based on the following criteria:
  1. Priority is given to candidates who have not yet benefited from Erasmus+ Mobility;
  2. The candidates are first classified according to the number of exams passed. If they have the same number of exams, the average grade of all passed exams will be considered.
If you are interested in the Erasmus+ mobility programme, please contact the EMUNI Education Department at