Capoeira Refugees Germany hosts EMUNI students as ERASMUS trainees

Capoeira Refugees is hosting our students, Nada Shahin and Rania Chaabouni, as part of their Erasmus traineeship programme.  Capoeira4Refugees uses the sport, music and play of capoeira to provide psychosocial support and informal education to vulnerable girls and women in conflict-affected communities throughout the Middle East and beyond. the charities headquarter is in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The traineeship programme will run for 2 months in Capoeira Refugees headquarters in Berlin, Germany. EMUNI University is proud of its students that have selected Capoeira Refugees organization to conduct their traineeship and get insightful ideas how important is to work in an environment that is committed to change the lives of so many people across the Euro-Mediterranean region.