CALL for Applications for EMUNI Knowledge & Innovation Centre (EKIC)

Partner universities are kindly invited to express their interest in collaborating with EMUNI on the establishment of an EMUNI Knowledge & Innovation Centre (EKIC) at your university. 

Only Members of the General Assembly exclusively from South Mediterranean countries are eligible to participate in the EKIC initiatives. Additionally, no more than one member from the same country will be selected to serve concurrently in any EKIC category.

The EMUNI Knowledge and Innovation Centres (EKIC) shall:

1. Support the recruitment and enrolment of students in PhD and Master’s programs at EMUNI.

2. Facilitate international partnerships and collaborations.

3. Enhance EMUNI’s international engagements and collaborations.

4. Promote EMUNI’s brand and reputation.

EKICs may be established under one of the following categories based on their scope and functions:

1. Lighthouse: Focuses solely on promotional activities.

2. Knowledge Hub: Engages promotional activities and joint study programmes.

3. Knowledge and Innovation Hub: Involved in promotional activities, joint research initiatives and joint study programmes.

Regardless of the category of the EKIC, the Partner Institution must provide the necessary infrastructure, including office space and equipment, essential for the operation of the EKIC. It shall also ensure proper visibility of EKIC through its own website and on-site.

A Selection Committee for the evaluation of EKIC applications appointed by the President of EMUNI will be responsible for the review of the submitted applications and the selection of the Partner Institution. The primary criteria for the selection of an EKIC are recruitment and enrollment of students in PhD and Master’s programs at EMUNI and those offered through the EKIC.

The income source of EKIC varies depending on the type of EKIC (Lighthouse, Knowledge Hub, Knowledge and Innovation Hub).

Knowledge and Innovation Hub is financed either from tuition fees for study programs jointly developed by partners within the EKIC or from funds obtained for research and other projects that partners acquire within the EKIC framework. Knowledge Hub is financed from tuition fees for study programs jointly developed by partners within the EKIC. Lighthouse is financed from funds allocated by EMUNI, provided that the partner commits to enrolling at least 10 students in EMUNI’s study programs in the current academic year.

EMUNI finances EKIC in accordance with a contract established between EMUNI and the EKIC partner for an indefinite period, with the possibility of termination with a 3-month notice period.

CONTACT: Polona OBLAK, Head of the Network,


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 21 July 2024 at 23:59