Study Programme

Master in Intercultural Business Communication


English Language I

Area of Habilitation

English Language

Research Area

Using Project-based learning in the ESL classroom, using technology in Project-based learning and in the ESL classroom, using critical thinking in the ESL classroom

Short Bio

Anita Selec obtained her Master’s in TESL from Saint Michael’s College.  She began teaching at EMUNI in 2020, and has over fourteen years of experience teaching ESL and ESP for business at university level in Bosnia, Japan, the USA, Colombia, and Serbia.  Anita trained in-service and preservice teachers as an English Language Fellow for two years in Ukraine on a U.S. State Department fellowship. She has also designed and conducted workshops on teacher training, ESP, English for employment, 21st Century Skills, and ESP for Maritime Security in Maldives, Nepal, Bosnia, and Colombia as an English Language Specialist for the US State Department. Her most recent ESP project for the State Department was conducted completely online and involved training Panamanian military pilots and officers in English for Aviation. For the past eight years, Anita has been teaching Contemporary English, focusing on communication skills, and using project-based learning and critical thinking, to teach preservice English teachers at the University of Banja Luka in Bosnia. She has had a diverse career, owning her own retail and hospitality businesses, and focuses on the practical aspects of teaching business English.  Having presented at conferences in Bosnia, Colombia, Japan, and the USA, Anita also specializes as an editor for non-native English speaking clients writing articles, proposals, theses, dissertations or scholarly works in English. 

Contact: anita.selec@emuni.si

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